About APSA

The Asia Pacific Sociological Association (APSA) is mainly engaged in the scholars of higher education institutions (universities, graduate schools and research institutes) that conducts education and research in the Asia-Pacific region or conducts research and education for the region as well as independent researches.  It is aimed to share the academic achievements, academic information exchange, and training of young researchers.


The APSA was established by the late Emeritus Professor John Western (University of Queensland) and a number of sociology colleagues from the Asia Pacific region in 1996.


The APSA prides itself in the fact that its membership reflects the diversity of cultures, nations, ethnicities, and perspectives from across the Asia Pacific region. Its executive committee is constructed to reflect this diversity.


  • to establish a network to link sociological associations, sociology departments and individual sociologists in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • to provide information and contacts using such means as the Internet, e-mails and newsletters;
  • to act as a clearinghouse for co-operation in teaching, research and other professional activities;
  • to promote and assist publications of social research focusing upon the aforementioned region;
  • to encourage co-operation between sociologists, planners and policy makers at both the regional and community level;
  • to hold regular regional conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • to establish and maintain an on-line journal concerning issues in the Asia Pacific region to sociologists worldwide.


APSA is a member organization of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

The roles of APSA

The APSA plays two roles. One is to provide an international showcase for work in the social, anthropological, political-science, and other related fields by Asia-Pacific scholars. Asia-Pacific scholarship has until recently been largely “off the map” in terms of so-called Western awareness of and access to it. The second role is to train young scholars and researchers in Asia-Pacific scholarly methods and feature some of their best work.

The APSA is important for the Asian sociology and international sociology. It could promote established scholarship on an international platform, and could help to train younger scholars in research methods with the promise of a conference presentation with internationally recognized standards for screening.

Not only could the APSA focus much more global scholarly interest on the importance of the Asia-Pacific region; it could also bring to light the more accurate, regionally-based research work which non-Asia Pacific nations are now urgently seeking.