Seisa Hakone Campus
Address: 817-255 Sengokuhara Hakone Ashigara Shimogun Kanagawa
URL: https://www.hakone.or.jp/en/2899


Hakone, in Japan’s Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, locates 110km west of central Tokyo, is a mountainous town known for its hot springs resorts and views of the Mt.Fuji.


We have blocked rooms at the following two hotels for your stay for 4 nights starting Oct 4(Thu). Shuttle bus service will be provided from these hotels to the venue of the Conference, Seisa Hakone Campus from the first day of the conference, Oct 5(Fri). The hotel room charge includes the fee of the roundtrip shuttle bus services each day.

We recommend staying at one of these preferred hotels as there is limited public transportation in this resort region and only taxis can be used to commute to the conference venue. (and taxis are costly in Japan….)

To place bookings on preferred hotels, please fill in the form Hotel reservation between July 15, 2018 and August 31, 2018.

Once your reservation is confirmed, we will advise you of access information from Narita/Haneda Airports or Metropolitan Tokyo area to your hotels.

You may stay at other hotels of your choice through your travel agents or through internet services such as Booking.com: https://www.booking.com,  Trip Advisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/, or Hakone Portal Site: https://www.hakone.or.jp/en/

There are many hotels or traditional Japanese style “Ryokan” near the Campus, and most of them come with dinner and breakfast included.

Preferred Hotels

  1. Toyoko Inn Odawara-eki Higashi-Guchi

This hotel is going to open on August 27, 2018. Only 3 min. walk from JR and Odakyu Odawara station. From this hotel, the shuttle bus will take above 45 min. to Seisa Hakone Campus.

One night with breakfast: JPY10,800 for single (one bed) room and JPY10,260 per person for twin (two beds) room, including light breakfast and shuttle service to the Campus.




  1. Odawara Terminal Hotel

This hotel also conveniently locates only 2 min. walk from JR and Odakyu Odawara station. It takes 45 min. by the shuttle bus to the venue of the Conference.

One night without Breakfast: JPY10,260 per night at single room, including shuttle service to the Campus.

http://www.odawara-th.com/  (sorry, no English website available)


Other Options for Lodging

  1. Seisa Hakone Campus Dormitory

One night with breakfast; 4,800 yen and up. Limited capacity. First-come, First-served, up to 20 people only! This is a dormitory for students with shared bathrooms located inside the Campus. Please e-mail to apsa2018.logistics@gmail.com


  1. Tsukinoya Ryokan

One night without breakfast; 8,000 yen and up.  Owner speaks English/Japanese. There is public transportation to Sengokuhara and it takes about 30 min. Only cash accepted for hotel fee. Please contact the hotel directly to make reservations.





It takes approximately 3 hours from Narita Airport to Hakone Area hotels and the venue of the conference by public transportation, and approximately 2 hours from central Tokyo and Haneda Airport.

To be in time for Oct 5(Fri) afternoon session, following public transportation routes would be available from Tokyo and Yokohama to “Hakone Sengoku Information Center” bus stop. The Seisa Hakone Campus is 2 min. walk from the bus stop:

  1. From Shinjyuku : Odakyu Highway Bus from Shinjyuku Bus Terminal to Hakone Sengoku Information Center: Fee: JPY3,090

Departure: 09:35  Estimated Arrival: 11:47

Departure: 10:05  Estimated Arrival: 12:12

Departure: 10:35  Estimated Arrival: 12:47

  1. From Tokyo Station: Shinkansen(Bullet Train) to Odawara station and takes Hakone Tozan Bus to Hakone Sengoku Information Center: Fee JPY3,540(Bullet train)/JPY1,000(Bus)

Departure from Tokyo Station: 10:26 via Bullet train Kodama-647, arriving Odawara at 11:01.

Hakone Tozan Bus from Odawara station Higashi-guchi(East entrance) departing at 11:35 with estimated arrival at Hakone Sengoku Information Center at 12:18

  1. From Haneda Airport International Terminal: Airport Limousine Bus operated by Odakyu Bus/Keikyu Bus. Fee JPY2,160

Departure: 10:25  Estimated arrival: 12:52

  1. From Narita Airport: JR Narita Express to Shinagawa, Shinkansen(Bullet train) to Odawara Station, then Hakone Tozan Bus to Hakone Sengoku Information Center. Fee JPY6,570(JR)/JPY1,000(Bus)

Departure: 09:15 via Narita Express #8, arriving Shinagawa at 10:26, change trains to Bullet train Kodama-647, departing 10:34, arriving Odawara station at 11:01.

Hakone Tozan Bus from Odawara station Higashi-guchi(East entrance) departing at 11:35 with estimated arrival at Hakone Sengoku Information Center at 12:18

  1. From Yokohama Bus Terminal: Airport Limousine Bus Operated by Odakyu Bus/Keikyu Bus. Fee: JPY1,850

Departure: 11:10  Estimated arrival: 12:52

For those who are staying at the preferred hotels, we will send you the access information from Narita/Haneda Airports or Tokyo area stations to your hotel separately.

For any questions on domestic transportation, please feel free to send emails to: apsa2018.logistics@gmail.com

Visa application

If you require a visa to enter Japan, please follow the instructions available on


Those who need visas to travel to Japan, please contact: apsa14th@gmail.com